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Can hundreds of times prove me wrong? I need someone to prove me wrong?  I need proof!      

Have you seen it?

The Green Flash is spoken about by all that promise a green colored glow radiating up out of the sea when the full sun sets into the horizon of the earth. Tourists flock to the prime spots at every island resort minutes before sunset to catch the glimpse. Historic wharfs put on fabulous gatherings to rejoice this brief moment over the ocean. Everything has to be just right, they say.  The sea needs to be flat.  The sky needs to be clear. No wispy clouds on the horizon are the requirement. This image happens everywhere, and is pretty common.

OK, OK, there is scientific evidence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_flash.  But, as optical phenomena that lie in refraction of light, I am baffled.  As I stand next to tourists and wait and wait, as the sun sinks into the drink, I do not blink.  It’s Done. over and with Nothing; Nada!  Wait, the Tourist next to me says, ” Wow, did you see it!”  Nope!  Never have, and it wasn’t there.

I traveled to Guadeloupe, French West Indies, in the Caribbean.  I made my way to  Basse Terre, the western half of the country. Up on the side of a hill over the western sea is Hotel Le  Rayon Vert.  The infinity pool is the place to have the unbroken view for the event. A glass of crisp white wine and I’m ready. Clear afternoon, what could not be perfect?  Ready, Set, Go! Result: Nope!



Mila Zinhova, Canon EOS Xti,1/50, is0 100, Santa Cruz, CA, USA



Some folks have it down to a science.  For me, I’ll wait for the Green Lantern to show up.

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