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The headline informs that a new LinkedIn account is setup every 3 seconds.  Social media wannabees can search out countless new methods to stay in touch.  Some leave much desire for purpose and methodology.  Ok, I ate a burger three minutes ago; am I proud: No!  Does the world need to know?  LinkedIn users understand social media.  Kind of like AmWay Soap sellers, a pyramid of cascading contacts and their inter-relationships form the pools and eddys of a river of communication, building an empire. I am in awe of some of my LinkedIn contacts.  They have an energy that aquires contacts and unions to groups that boggles my mind.  Five or Six hundred contacts?  Thirty Groups?  Holy Cow. 

Then, there are several with those numbers that choose to not reveal the contact names.  I just don’t get it on that choice. If one is that interested in other folks: why not reveal the names and faces of the legions of followers?  Well, I believe the social interaction from LinkedIn can only prosper from the disclosure of the contact list.  The doors that just might open based on that simple connection to someone known in common is powerful. Today, as these subscriber numbers unfold, and I get introduced to folks that contact to me, I believe the energy is well placed.  The Apps, the reading lists, the affinity groups, Trip planners, the recommendations out and in,  interests and contacts, all lend to the “Social” in the SM.  On to the next 100,000,000!  Or, as Sunkist2 Island Traveler believes: “No man is an island.”


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