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Santorini Island, a Gem Rising in the Aegean Sea

Greek Tips: track down the film Summer Lovers; 1982, Daryl Hannah
R rated, with “ancient” scenes of the island and the Archaeological Site Akirotiki and the older traditional homes in Oia. Unfortunately Akrotiri excavation is closed, but if you want to see an archaeological site then you can visit Ancient Thera on Mesa Vouna mountain which is between Perissa and Kamari. There is a bus that shuttles people up and down which you catch in Kamari (although I have to say we have never done this).  Ancient Thera is a switch back road of one lane up a mountain and then a view to die for(just down let the brakes slip on the way down).  There is Minoan rubble and paths to scout.  ( worth it)!

There are numerous wineries to visit, we visited the wine museum (see link) http://www.santonet.gr/museums/winemuseum.html which I found really enjoyable. There is also Santo (really good whites) and Sigalas wineries amongst others.

A Must Do, Go down to Amoundi Bay below Oia and have lunch at one of the fish tavernas down there. I found this to be so relaxing sitting right next to the sea and watching the fishing boats bringing in the catch of the day (Early Morning) which is then freshly cooked either on a bbq grill or in the kitchen, try Marides, (fried shiners: eat the whole thing, like french fries.)

Now the Amoundi Beach I talked about is to the Left at the bottom of the Mule path steps. Go past the tavernas, up and over a ledge on a gravel path. Continue to the Rock bluffs and pick one ledge to spread towels on the edge of the Caldera.  

The Inky Blue sea goes down some hundreds of feet right here. Dive in and swim to the left side of the little island ( 80 yards) and find the steps to climb up to the White Greek Chapel on this little island. Wait for a CruiseLiner to pass and when the wake surge arrives jump into the sea. Nudist may find a spot here also. There is a long utility road down to the Amoundi port and some parking on the side of the road to save the knees on the 300 steps!

Oia also has some great eating for dinner (Thalami taverna) . I also have discovered local Oia tavernas off the beaten path: There are two on the Finikia area down to the right to the plains below Oia: Anemelia Restaurant and another before it on the seaside at the bottom of the road down to the sea. Outdoor eating and the smell to the sea is to die for. Another is just before the entrance to Oia on the Main road, on the Right, called My Santorini. The Owner, Yanni, sings and plays Bouzouki.

There are some pricey restaurants in Thira on the cliff edge, some not that great. Kamari Beach area has lots of tavernas and Pizza places along the “boardwalk”.  All are at different price points, you must shop first.

As for other restaurants/tavernas I have to say that as I stayed in Imerovigli, I just tended to eat there on a night or two. There is a taverna of great food and a value, family run, with my blessing:  Taverna Imerovigli,  Along the cliff before Firostefani, is a good Greek taverna with decent food if you ever wander into Imerovigli on foot on a night. As for Fira town, there are dozens of places to eat.  Some good ones are not on the cliff but on the street by the museum up the stairs from the street level “Stani” and Roof Garden and Dionysus.

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