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     Some of the tastiest world cuisine is offered from the Athens hole in the wall establishments. 

Though, not off the beaten track, the Souvlaki and Gyros stands in the neighborhoods of Athens draw the regulars and the tourists for the right foods at the best times.  Value and flavor blend together into a frenzy of activity at the lunch hour and then at two A.M. nightly.  Taxi drivers have their special spots. One only needs to search for the cue and the triple parked vehicles to get a resource. Behind the counter two or three fellows with short -sleeved white shirts and short white apron silently scurry and fulfill the the stream of fast moving food orders.

The Monastiraki District, just past the Plaka, below the Acropolis in Athens is the place to get started on this food quest. Of course, more sandwiches and sweets are offered at these small walk-up food shops.  Perhaps juices and sodas, coffees and frapuchinos are delivered to the diners.  Yet most stick to the specially of the house.  Sadziki on the griddle seared Pitta bread, that is a bit more spongier than the Lebonnese style, is the building block for the sandwich. Thinly sliced onions, small cubed ripe tomatoes, and the open fire grilled seasoned pork cubes almost finish the dish. Then you may be asked, potatoes? Say yes.  The savory olive oil fried French fries blanket the Pitta and all are rolled into a perfect waxed-papered and aluminum-foiled Souvlaki sandwich.   Where are these?  You may ask each Taxi driver. In his cab, you may drive a dozen blocks away.  Stick to my area.

Thanasis on Metropoleos street by Monastiraki.  Platia Iroon in Psiri ( This is one of my favorite nightly districts and near all.)  Kostas on Agia Irini Square next to the church of the same name on Aeolou Street.  Ap’ ola means “with everything”.   Two sandwiches are just right and costs Four Euros total.  Cheap when you aquire a Mythos or Heiniken beer to wash it down. It always works for me at  Two A.M.!

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